Help us continue our mission into 2023 with Giving Tuesday! image

Help us continue our mission into 2023 with Giving Tuesday!

$4,390 raised

$10,000 goal

/ 150


The Sparrow's Nest has been a safe space for the hundreds of individuals who walk through our doors year after year. It started humbly as an extension of a church group who wanted to help those struggling with homelessness in the Athens-Clarke County area. It has now grown to a full ministry, serving over 100 people everyday, with meals, showers, clothes, and a place of respite. This has only been possible thanks to the all-hands-on-deck mentality that our community has had in support of our mission - "We Exist To Save Lives."

There is no bigger thank you to your generosity than to show the impact it has made directly to Athens individuals. With your support, in just the first 10 months of 2022, we have served over 20,411 meals, given 2,963 showers, had 36 people graduate from our 4-month programs, and fund our Clean Streetz crew who have collected over 605 bags of litter from the streets of Athens.

Please consider us on this Giving Tuesday to continue to bless this ministry and allow us to have a further and greater impact on those going through a time of struggle here in Athens.

Here is a breakdown of how far each dollar can go:

-$500 to support 1 participant in Breaking the Cycle or Getting It Right Classes

-$420 to pay 12 employees and a supervisor for 1 day of Clean Streetz, our "Clean and Safe Athens" initiative to keep the streets of Athens clear of litter and trash

-$250 = 50 meals

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will have a direct impact on someone who needs a helping hand in 2023!!